2012 Flood and Fire

In May of 2012, all hell broke loose in the Kimberley/Cranbrook area. There was no other way to describe it. A structure fire levelled four downtown blocks that had stood there for nearly a hundred years. A dramatic roof top rescue thanks to the keen eyes of two RCMP officers resulted in no injuries or fatalities, but livelihoods and homes were destroyed.

Later in the exact same day as I was covering the aftermath of the fire, and getting to know the victims, I got the call that severe flooding was going on in nearby Kimberley. I went from one extreme to the next, and the result was some of the best work I think I’ve ever done. I sloshed through the Morrison Sub neighbourhood and told the residents’ stories. I photographed high school students coming to the aid of residents without any prompting to fill sandbags. City Councillors put down their daily activities to stack bags and save homes. I captured Kimberley’s true spirit that week, and boy, is it strong.


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