The Grumpis

I have had a bad day. It was an inactive, boring, long, drawn-out kind of day, and while there were only like two minor things that happened that were really worth being grumpy over, I let it get the best of me.

And so, I called my Mom when I got home. Yes, I’m 25 years old and still, there are few things that perk me up quicker than my Mommy.

Unfortunately we can only talk so long on the phone, so I decided to keep the goodness going by listing things that make me happy. Number one should reveal to you why this is a therapeutic exercise for me.

Things that make me happy:

– Writing
– A good scoop
– hummus
– the click of a camera shutter
– music that makes me want to dance
– gardening
– cooking
– stupid cheesy puns, eg. Josh hands me a giant whisk at Sur le Table, and says, “You’re taking a really big whisk here.” Annalee laughs forever.
– framed photographs
– sitting cross-legged on the ground with my horse grazing around me, especially when he knocks me over with his nose trying to get the grass under my butt.
– wine, of course
– road trips
– mountains
– warm Earl Grey tea
– my dad in his crazy 30-year-old cut off shorts, because it usually means he’s barbecuing
– a shopping cart full of fresh veggies
– running before work
– rhododendrons
– sparingly, yet properly used em dashes
– pictures of my nephew discovering the world
– a freshly made bed, and the action of crawling in it
– fighting over small couch spaces with my sister
– snuggling with my shih tzu Molly
– a free gallop up a hill on horse back, and his mane in my fingers as I hold on
– reading recipe books
– hand writing
– emailing my Grandma
– pretty much any second spent with Josh
– Anna Maria Island, Florida
– camping
– singing “Tennis Court” by Lorde really, really loud with Josh in the car
– singing “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” really, really, loud with Ally in the car
– a cold, worcestershire-filled Caesar with pickled beans and asparagus

It’s not definitive, but it is a happy list.



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