Our new seventh-floor home in Alexandria has a patio that looks out on the Arlington and Washington, D.C. skylines. The weather hasn’t been great the past few days, yet still, I’ve found myself out there thinking — reflecting. How did I get here?

I was born in a teeny tiny mining town in Northern Ontario, and grew up in the beautiful Canadian Rockies that will forever be what I call ‘home.’ Yet, here I am, at 25 looking out on the most powerful city in the world.

What went right — or rather wrong, if you think about where me life was headed in 2009 before I met Josh? I think it’s absolutely crazy that I now live outside of the capital city of the United States. There was seemingly nothing in my life that forecasted such a dramatic change and adventure in my life. Or was there?

When I was a teenager, I was absolutely obsessed with the pop punk band Good Charlotte. I knew everything about them. I knew the lyrics to every song, could name all their favourite bands and brands. I knew where they lived, where they grew up and where they went to high school.

And that is where my journey to Washington, D.C. seems a little less weird. Why? Because I now work for TSS Photography in a little Maryland town called Waldorf, and this weekend I’m doing a photo shoot at a little Maryland high school called La Plata. Why is that weird? Why does this make my life seem a little less random? Because Good Charlotte’s founding members grew up in Waldorf. Good Charlotte’s founding members went to La Plata High School.

Waldorf Worldwide, indeed.

This doesn’t explain everything. But I can’t help but feel my teenage obsession foreshadowed my adult life just a little. When I stare out at that skyline, watching an endless stream of jetliners land at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, it all makes a little more sense.



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