There is a lot afoot in the Grant Armstrong household. Pictures are town off the walls, holes are being filled, boxes are being packed. Dust is being stirred up — Annalee is sneezing a lot. That must mean, yes! We’re on the move to Alexandria, VA after a wonderful few years in C-ville. Well, two years and a bit for Josh, and one year and a bit for me.

Spelling Bee fail. It only took one strike to get out.

Spelling Bee fail. It only took one strike to get out.

We’ve loved this town, and the people in it. We loved the food, the wineries, the cherry blossoms, the kickball games, walking downtown, strolling the Mall, all of it. But opportunities for both of us are elsewhere, so off we go. With three weeks to go until we move in to our new apartment, I’m happy to report I am actually organized. Yes, with two weeks to go until the move, I have boxes packed. My winter clothes are ready to go, my shoes (with the best ones on top in case I need them) are in a reusable shopping bag, and my scarves, mittens, hats and winter boots are put away. I men, if we left right now I’d be as organized as I ever have been for any move in my lifetime. Just ask my family, who for some reason keep agreeing to help me move (suckers).

Our new apartment is amazing, and we’re really excited to get the keys. It’s close to the Metro and we got everything on our list — except in-home laundry. But we were willing to give that up if it meant the perfect kitchen, a patio for me to grow tomato plants and read on, and enough storage space for Josh to brew keg after keg of beer, if he so chooses. We got all of those things, and more. I can’t wait to start cooking in that kitchen! We may even need to buy new kitchen gadgets.

Hit Meadowcreek Golf Course on Saturday, and I kept up with Josh!

Hit Meadowcreek Golf Course on Saturday, and I kept up with Josh!

We’re wrapping up our final weeks in Charlottesville trying to tick off items on our C-ville bucket list. The cherry blossoms are almost at peak, the daffodils and violets are in full bloom already — this city is giving us the ultimate goodbye, although it’s not making it easy for us to up and leave. On Saturday we did nine holes of golf, and I did really well. Not only did I keep up with Josh, but I beat him on the final par-3 with one over. He got like 6 because he sucks at putting. It was such a good day.

Today, though, it’s raining and I’m back to work after a really great weekend. A rainy day is the perfect day to be at work.



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