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I’m a work in progress

I’ve discovered that I have a ridiculous face that I make when I’m trying to figure out lighting in a room. I squint one eye, grit my teeth and open one corner of my mouth. It’s really attractive.

I also wish it’s something I knew well before now. I can imagine how great I’ve looked over the years on shoots. It could simply be that never before have I been challenged so much. Maybe this is a new look. I’ve started doing studio lighting with TSS Photography. It’s been great, working with positioning, diffusers, etc. It’s stuff I’ve never done before.

The past two weeks we’ve been in Lynchburg crammed into this tiny circular building, tasked with setting up a green screen and a giant backdrop for team photos. It is on first glance, physically impossible. Halfway through the shoot we had to yank my tall middle light out of position to fit all the kids in a shot for a team photo, and it buggered up everything. I had one little guy waiting for his photo and a shadow I couldn’t eliminate. This is when I discovered the look. Well, not discovered, rather realized that it occurred without my knowledge.

Oh well, if my brain works better when my face is screwed up and hideous, at least the photo will be perfect.



Super Rad

On Saturday, for the first time in my life, I ran for an entire five kilometres without stopping. It was a triumph, a physical ability I had never dreamed I’d ever be able to accomplish. But I did, and at the finish line I jumped for joy and was ready to go for another couple k. We did the Color Me Rad 5k, which I am lovingly calling the Colo(u)r Me Rad 5k, being Canadian and all. It was an awesome day, we had a ton of fun. We especially enjoyed the dinosaurs along the route that were dressed up for Halloween. A brontosaurus dressed as a bunny? Come on! Hilarious.

Afterwards we were on our way out for victory mimosas, when I got a migraine. Josh had to rush me home and tuck me into bed in a dark room for a few hours. OIt was a sad end to a very great day, but such is the life of the occasional migraine sufferer. They never have good timing.

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