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Reportin’ Live

Reportin’ live, from the Look3 Festival of the Photograph. This week I offered up my time to volunteer for Look3. I’m on my second shift, this time in The Garage for Susan Meiselas’ photojournalism project that looked at what really is “buying American.” It’s not what you think.

Yesterday it was lions. Lions according to Michael Nichols, National Geographic photographer. I listened to them roar for four hours. The lions, not Nichols. He came in for awhile with his mother. I sat in his presence just listening to him recount his two year adventure shooting lions in the Serengeti. The lions were his friends. He knew their personalities, their habits. He watched their intimate moments, when they sleeped. He saw young lionesses shlepping their cubs around. Just being near a photographer of that calibre was enouh to get me thinking about what I want my future to look like. It kay not include lions, but it will surely include photojournalism.


Susan Meiselas exhibit at Look3.

I’m sitting in a tiny garage off a street taking in a cold breeze. It’s going to start raining soon, and that could possibly turn into a huge thunderstorm. I only have a half an hour left. I was hoping to get around to the other exhibits today while I wait for Josh but they all close at 6:30. On Saturday we’ll check them all out before my final shift. Friday I have an assignment to cover for C-Ville. How exciting is that? After that it’s back to volunteering, then date night with Josh to grab a bite and take in Shots & Works in te Downtown Mall.




I’m learning! I’m in the middle of another Creative Live course today, this time on photo retouching. I’ve already learned a ton, and feel like I’ve been making my life more difficult simply by not knowing any better.

I’ve figured out how to take this image:


And make us look super dangerous without the guardrail, like this:

living dangerously

Yea, things are a little rough. I’m working on it. But I think it’s pretty good for learning!

Then I had this image of my sister on her graduation day with our mom and dad. I decided Dad could afford to lose a few wrinkles….sorry dad! So I took this image:


And did this to it, although it’s a little more subtle in this small size. Actually these are different images, but you get the point.


Anyway, I’m having a good day filled with nerdy activities.


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