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Say it!

My name is so simple – Annalee. It is two of the most common names in the entire English speaking world sandwiched together into one, yet this concept seems to baffle everyone.

I’ve been misnamed so many times, and it constantly drives me insane. the most common is Annaliese. Who is even named that anymore? The second is Emily. To be honest, I have a cousin named Emily and I have at times been known to respond to it, or nearly respond to it. Then things get a little more bizarre; Daniella, Anna Marie or Maria, Natalie…you name it, I’ve been called it. I even had someone say to me the other day: “How do you pronounce your name again? It’s like Natalia, only with an A?

No, it’s not Natalia with an A. It’s Anna, and then Lee, and then it’s put all together and wrapped up in a nice neat little purple-haired package that doesn’t like to be called things like Natalia, Anna Maria or Annaliese.

I admit, I am terrible with names. As a journalist I do my best to write names down as I meet people, but sometimes I attend an event and meet fifty people before I realize their names have all slipped in one ear and out the other. The way I compensate for this is, by simply not saying people’s names unless I’m absolutely sure. Sometimes I’ll ask someone else what their name is, or I’ll get someone I’m with to introduce themselves to the person (then I will sneakily say “Oh! I’m so sorry, I should have introduced you two!”). The point is, I recognize that people hate being called names that they’re not, and I compensate for my terrible memory by not naming names till I’m sure.



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