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Alright, so I haven’t posted since January, and I was informed by my boyfriend that he eagerly checks for a new post every week. A little bit of extra curricular, non-work related writing never hurt anyone — especially a journalist. I’ll do another re-vamp of the blog, and get to it.

So, as per my last, very, very ancient post, I was moving into the Bonhomme Street house. I am in fact all moved in, and I have moved to a new room. This week I got back (at 3 a.m., I will add) on Sunday from a trip to Florida. When I finally put my tired-ass to bed, I got a whopping five or so hours of sleep before my alarm clock didn’t go off, and I abruptly woke and stumbled off to work. A few hours later, I noticed I was itchy all over my legs, and discovered I was covered in bug bites. Blast! The little buggers had moved into my room over my vacation through my lack of screened window, and had one of their own. The next night (last night) I got eaten again, and woke up this morning with more bites.

The problem is, I haven’t actually seen a single mosquito in here. Usually they buzz around your ear. stay tuned — I will find the nibbling culprit, and I hope for the love of sweet Jesus that it is just mosquitoes or black flies. Please cross your fingers for me.

As mentioned, I finally made the trip to Florida and met Josh’s parents. What a trip. It was so much fun, and I came back looking akin to a Brazilian straight out of the tan both — only less Brazilian and more a rounder, pasty-white Canadian with a tinge of brown. We kayaked, and rollercoastered, beached and drank many a margarita. The beautiful thing about Florida, is that you can do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING PRODUCTIVE, and still feel like you accomplished a lot. That’s what white sand beach towns are all about — nothing, and it’s magnificent. Few things in life could pull me away from the mountains, but I could easily spend the winter months on Anna Maria Island, Florida.

Montu: I conquered that bitch!

Relax. Just do it.

I came back to Canada to discover some very happy plants. My strawberries are blossoming, and turning into little green mounds of future tasty goodness. My community garden plot (planted May 18 with Carrie) is growing like a weed — only there are no weeds to be found. I pulled out the only strand of pesky crab grass that was taking up space, and accidentally ripped out a bean. It has a little green shoot like an umbilical cord growing up. I squealed and stuffed it back into the ground. Sorry little guy!

It’s rained since I was home, but this evening the sun finally came out. I need it to nourish my Floridian tan, but I think I’m fighting a loosing battle. I was never meant to be Snooki Grant, anyway. Jordan made a little reading nook out on the side deck that is calling my name. Since meeting Josh, reading has become a pastime. That’s right — I’m all grown up and reading books!

Right now I’m into The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It took me almost an hour to find a proper book in the Tampa airport before my flight. Every book insisted that I would learn a valuable lesson from it, or my life would be dramatically changed. I’m not looking for a preacher in a book — just something to read. If I needed self help, I’d be in the self-help aisle. What I wanted was a cheesy romance or something that would turn the pages. Luckily I happened on Dragon Tattoo, and read it for hours as I flew.

I borrowed a cheesy romance from Ally for my last trip. I enjoyed the adventure part of it, but then towards the end I suddenly found myself plummeted into Nicholas Sparks’ wet dream. I nearly threw up — twice — the second time being from that metaphor. Here’s an excerpt:

Beach day.

Kate: “Oh Rohan, I’m so in love with you. I can barely stand it.”
Rohan: “I know what you mean. It’s maddening, isn’t it? Is there anyway to ease this feeling?”
Kate: “Yes. You must kiss me. That will help.”

Yea, barf. How about I ease the feeling with a fucking chainsaw? Anyway. Adventure, as it pertains to journalists who are far cooler than me even though they’re not real, is where my interests in literature are. Glad I discovered that.

Jordan just made some popcorn. There is no food more detrimental to someone trying not to snack at night than popcorn. I suppose without heaps of butter it’s not the worst thing in the world that you could eat, but then, who the hell would want it?

Anyway, I have enjoyed my return to blogging. My life is moving forward right now in big ways. I’m exercising, taking more photos, gardening, sleeping like a baby, reading, writing just for fun again, and most of all, I’m smiling.
….and I’m pretty sure this is why.

My love.


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