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Get to the good stuff

First things firt — eating Honey Bunches of Oats Just Bunches. Delicious. Scrapbooked all day, got a few things done for Christmas.

Now I’m waiting for Josh to get home from Florida so we can have a goodnight Skype. Only 19 days till he’s here, and I’m so excited I can’t stop talking about Christmas to anyone who will listen. Believe me, that list is small, because everyone’s getting tired of it.

I watched the Grey Cup tonight. That’s how much I love my silly American. I really tried, but I just god bored. The last three or so minutes were kind of exciting when the Roughriders got a touchdown and things were looking up, but then they kind of blew it and the Alouettes got a turnover. I think I’d prefer to watch football over drinks while Josh watches, and I just sit around and look confused. Although maybe going to a game live would be fun. I have a feeling I will get to experience this in the near future.

There’s nothing on TV. Must find something to do!




I wanted to post and just say how ridiculously proud of my boyfriend I am! Josh got an internship with Bloomberg News starting in June! I knew he’d get it, but he was all doubting it. He is amazing!!

It was -37 with the windchill this morning according to the Canadian Weather office, but it turned out there was no wind, so it was just -30…aghh. Calgary was recorded as the second coldest place on earth, and Jasper wasn’t far behind. Eff! It’s too early in the winter for this shit!

I’m huddled under a blanket wearing my hardcore long johns and jeans, then a tank top, long sleeved shirt and hoodie. Still cold. I think Josh is out celebrating, but I’m hoping to catch him before I snuggle into bed, then wake up and try to find some sort of excuse not to get out of it again. The last few day’s it’s been the cold — it’s an easy target.

Anyway, congratulations to my incredible boyfriend. Can’t wait to visit you wherever you end up!


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